Dr. Swamy Amba Prasad Tejaswi

ll Srinathadi gurutrayam Ganapatim Piithatrayam Bhairavam ll

ll Siddhaugham Vatukatrayam Padayugam Dutikramam Mandalam ll

ll Vira dhavshtta chathush shastti Navakam Viravali Panchakam ll

ll Sri ManMalini Mantraraja sahitham vande Gurumandalam ll

Swamy Amba Prasad Tejeswi was named as Venkatramu by his paranets before the present Deekshanama. His father's name is Yellambalase Venkatakrishnaiah, who worked as a kannada Pandit in Government schools. Their family is known for spiritual advancement since 400 years. One of his great great grandfather, the moolapurusha of his family known as Sri Krishna Yogeeswara was a siddapurusha. Sri Krishna Yogeeswara was noted for his great spiritual powers and it is belived that he used to perform penance for months and years togeather. There is a Guha(cave) called Sri Krishna Yogeeswara Guha which is on the eastern side of Malekal Tirupathi Hills , an adobe of Loard Venkateshwara Swamy.

Our Swamiji, took birth on 27th November, 1942 at Birur town, Chickmagalur District in Karnataka State.Swamiji had liking for lonely places and used to spend much time amidst nature. Swamiji is very kind and sympathetic, humorous, witty and sweet speaking.In his younger days swamiji was a dramatist and poet and composed many songs in kannada. He says the vedas influenced him more than the puranas. After his early education in karnataka, he got job in Ministry of defence in Bangalore.Inspite of his busy work life, he did regular Poojas,served sadhu and sanyasi's and also he practiced Anahatalaya yoga and kundalini sadhana. Swamiji married at the age of 25 to Meenakshi.After few months oh his marriage he transferred to Secundrabad, Andhrapradesh.

Swami travelled the lenth and breadth of our country visiting holy places, conducting satsang and delivering philosophy of life. He attained many spiritual powers as years passed. He became a sucessful Sadhaka in Sridevi Upasana. All his hither to hidden spiritual powers came to light like a fountain and his daily meditation extented to several hours. When ever he wished for solitude, he used to go to the Srisailam forest in Andhrapradesh and perform tapasya.During his tapas, swamiji had vision of Sri Sankaracharya and Supreme mother Sri Raja Rajeshwari Devi. Sri Devi blessed Swamiji with the knowledge of Sri Vidyopasana.

The Sthanacharya of Srisilam temple somehow noticed Swamiji and he took him as his full time Shishya and taught him Mantra Sastra and Srichakra Avarana Poojas.At this time Sthanacharya renamed Swamiji as Amba Prasad. It was in 1968, Sri Shankaracharya of kanchi kamakoti peetam Sri Sri Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi was on his padayatra to north india.Swami Amba Prasad then had darsan of Sri Shankaracharya, during the darsan our swamiji explained his Spiritual sadhana and upasana. Sri Shankaracharya blessed Amba prasad and ordered him to attend the Chaturmasya Deeksha Sthana.One fine day Shankaracharya presented Deeksha name as "Amba Prasad Tejaswi".

Amba Prasad Tejaswi resigned his job and started Ashram's with the name of Sri Vasisthashram and peetam as Sri Raja Rajeswari Peetam.Sri Sri Sri Ambaprasad has 5 Doctorate's In Chemistry, Metallurgy, Gems .