Dr. Ramesh Kumar Acharya

DSM,DAMS,Yoga,Advance Pranic Healer


Dr. Ramesh Kumar Acharya is born in a traditional Siddha family. His parents Late Sri Ramdasu and Late Smt Laxmi Narasamma. He is the beloved third child to his parents. At his childhood he lost his parents and been brought up by his elder brother Master Laxmikanth Acharya (Pranic healer).He has lost his parents at his very young age ,So as a Tribute to his parents Dr. Ramesh Kumar Acharya had a strong will to learn one of the most ancient traditional medical system known as Sidda Medicine which is also his family tradition. He was very much interested to offer medical services to people following his father and forefathers.

Achieving his aim of learning Sidda medicine was not a cinch , he had struggled passing by the forests of Andhra Pradesh number of times to meet Sadhus and gain knowledge about Sidda & Ayurvedic medicine. In his long journey of learning he has achieved the art of identifying important medicinal palnts and place of availability in the forests of Andhra Pradesh. His journey was an accomplishment when he met Sri Swamy Alaikya Ramadas who is very well known for his skills in Sidda , Ayurveda , Yoga and Tantric. He became a disciple to Alaikya. His Guru Alaikya Ramadas enlightened his Sidda skills and helped him to master two levels of Sidda medicine. He also did his Diploma in Ayurvedic medicine. Currently he is practising as Ayurvedic doctor. During his journey he meet many sadhu, Samyasins, Ahagori's and spiritual leaders and attracted to their principles and started a research on Mantra, Tantra and existence of God.

Having taken Guru Deeksha from Dr. Sri Narayana Dutt Srimali, to Master in Mantra and Tantra he practised yoga and nishkriya meditation.His practice lasted 8 to 12 hours each day. During the tensure of practise he has gone through lot of miraculous experiences which indulged him more into learning by practising. One day he met a Sri Sri Sri Swamy Madhusudan Sarawasti, Swamyji became a very good Spiritual friend to whom Archarya shared all his dreams. Swamiji taught him the great Srinathadi gurutrayam Ganapatim Piithatrayam Bhairavam...Sloka and asked him to chant it and it wil show Archarya the way to achieve his dreams. Acharya rigourosuly chanted the mantra and finally succeeded with his dreams come true. He realised in his dreams that he knew how to make meru , yantra. He started following dreams and prepared merus and yantras. Dr. Ramesh Kumar started making Guru Meru , Swarnakarshana Bhairava Meru , Prathangira Meru , Sharabeshwara Meru, Vaastu Laxmi Meru , Laxmi Kubera Meru and Yantras. The Speaciality of the Meru's and Yantras is that all are prepared by hand.

His Guru Sri Madhusudan Saraswati wrote more than 200 books in telugu Tantric literature. He is the one who introduced Prathangara, Sri Bhirava and Many more Sakthi Sadanas to telugu audience.Fo rany Sakti Sadana we need Yantra or Meru for puja. Dr. Ramesh Kumar is the one who prepared all the Merus and Yantras for the books written by his Guru.Sri Madhusudana Sarawati helped Dr Ramesh Kumar Acharya to achieve Dashamahavidhyas.

Dr. Swamy Amba Prasad Tejaswi who is founder of Rajarajeshwari peetam , Hyderabad , visited Dr Ramesh Kumar Acharya house to give Siva Panchakshari Deeksha .Since Madhusudan Sarawati expired , his guru Swamy Amba Prasad Tejaswi honours all the puja , homam done by Ramesh Kumar. Sri Sri Sri Dr. Swamy Amba Prasad Tejaswi was honered doctarste 5 times in Chemistry, Metallurgy, Gems.., He helped Dr.Rameshkuar making in different Spiritual metal combinations.Its been more than 20 years Dr Ramesh Kumar Acharya is serving people solving their problems by with Ayurvedic , Sidda medicine. Also with Yantra , Tantra and Mantra.