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Shathaadhika Mulika Thilam

A Multipurpose Divine Oil for Pooja and Havan


The vibration which emerges from this lamp will work as a 3 dimensional vaastu protector, positive energy enhancer and bestower of peace and prosperity.

A unique preparation combining 9 oils, Nearly 151 divine plants, roots, leaves, barks, flowers collected on auspicious day by performing pooja's to trees and plants are collected from thick forests of Srisailam, Narsipatnam, Ahobilam, Kalahasthi, Thirumalakonda, Vindhya moutains, dandakaranya, rusheekesh and deep forest of Himalayas.

The extract of rudraksha, navagraha plants, ekavimshati moolika, aswatha, baniyanup roots, audumbara roots water, mango flowers and leaves, uttareni, brahmajamudu, kusha grass, devedaru taila, red sandal oil, srigandha oil, navagraha dhanya extracts, nakshatra plants, rashi plants, avisha taila, red sandal oil, Srigandha oil, nakshatra plants,rashi plants,avisha taila, jaji taila, vishamuti taila, bhramhi oil, tripala oil and many more herbs and oils are processed according to ayervedic and tantra shasra methods to produce more benefits lighting the lamps with this oil. By using this shathadika moolika tailam in Havana and yagnas and other religious rights for which this shathadika moolika tailam has been used for special benefits. This has been blessed by Swami Amba Prasad Tejaswi, peethadhipati of Sri Rajarajeshwari Peetham, Hyderabad.

Benefits of Shathaadhika Mulika Thilam

 1. Abisheka with this oil to nagadevata or rahu and kethu grahas will nullify the effect of "Kalasarpa Dosha". Their by one gets the benefit of santana bhagya, vivaha yoga, and the blessings of Srisubramanya swamy.

 2. Light the lamp with this oil or keep akhanda jyothi during ganesh navaratri, or sharannavaratri, ramanavarthri, or vasanta navarathri will bring prosperity and good luck and sankalpa siddhi to the performer.

 3. Light the lamp in Sri Prathyangira Devi temple before devi, on astami, navami, chaturdhi, poornima, amavasya and grahankala's, grahandosha and drusti dosha, mantra prayoga, mental troubles, whichcrafts are all removed and solved and their by one gets the full benefits in his life.

 4. Nullify SADE SATI and other Saturn related Doshas, whe abhisheka is performed to shani with this oil.

 5. Light the lamp with this oil in kali temple, bhiravi temple, shiva and bhairavi temple,durga temple any other devi or gramadevatha temple will ward off all your past sins and naradrusti.

 6. Light the lamp before your kuladevata and perform pooja to the lamp for 41 days, your wish will be fulfilled.

 7. light the lamp with this in business place, it attracts people and remove all negative forces from the business place