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Rasamani Beads( Solid Mercury )

Ultimate Solution to the Evil-Eye(nazar dosh)


In the Indian Mythology Parad is also known as "RASA" (liquid), which is believed to be the SEMEN OF LORD SHIVA. You could be asking about "Rasamani." These are the "Solid RASAMANI Balls" made from some rare herbs. The reason for calling it "Rasa" is due to such description given to it. They take 48 days to make after which they must be kept in a pooja. The Rasamani is done by using proper methods of preparation.If we meditate with the Rasamani keeping it in our hands, we can control our thoughts and feel the light of grace in forehead.


Rasa is the most auspicious metal used for worship of God. Rasa is belived to be originated from the sperms of Lord Shiva Puja and worship of Rasa Sivalings destroys the sins. Rasa Sivaling, Rasa Beads , Idols of Rasa Ganesh , Rasa Murugan, Rasa lakshmi are considered very sacred and is belived to give 100 times more benefit than the puja of any other idol.

Benefits of Rasamani Beads

 1. Permanent solution to nazar dosh or Evil-Eye

 2. It normalise body heat, regularises the blood pressure

 3. Improves appetite and digestion and assimilation.

 4. Rasamani removes all obstacles related to marriage (Kalastira Doshas).

 5. Increases the power of concentration and will power and sharpens the mind.


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