Dr. Narayan Dutt Srimali


ll Srinathadi gurutrayam Ganapatim Piithatrayam Bhairavam ll

ll Siddhaugham Vatukatrayam Padayugam Dutikramam Mandalam ll

ll Vira dhavshtta chathush shastti Navakam Viravali Panchakam ll

ll Sri ManMalini Mantraraja sahitham vande Gurumandalam ll

Sadgurudev was born on Jodhpur in deep inside area of Rajisthan.he had faced a lot of untold struggle and misery in earlier childhood,but his determination,hard work he always moved forward and faced all situation.he married at very early age to poojniya mataji smt. Bhagvati shrimali ji. He not only completed his essential education, but received twice Doctorate degree. Sadgurudev ji initially started his professional career as teacher and later become HOD of Rajisthan University.

one day he left home and started his search for upliftment of the divine science he spent nearly 19 years in deep area of Himalaya, he visited almost all the area of that, even the inaccessible area too. He learned and mastered almost all the branches of sadhana whether it belongs too tibbet or others too.or related to sabar,kapalik,vedic to aghora,or yogic to alchemy ,shamsahan too.

Poojya param gurudev Paramhansa Swami Satchidanandaji has given inition to him. One can just think about that, that in last several thousand years poojya paramhansa Swami Sachhidananada ji has given his inition only to three person. One can understand the criteria of achiving that Diksha.With the divine advice and instruction of poojya param gurudev ji, he once again comes to normal household life.

spreading his knowledge at first through books on astrology mantra and tantra , poojya sadgurudev ji has outhered more then 200 hundred books .some of still to be published.later he founded SIDHHASHRAM SADHAK PARIVAAR. And started monthly magazine “MANTRA TANTRA YANTRA VIGYAN”. from 1980 onwords this magazine is successfully running, now its memebership reaches a record number. He never ever hesitate to a minite to provide knowledge even very secreats to yogis to true seeker whether he is disciple to him or of others, belongs to any caste ,religion, country, as atrue jagat guru he has never a time for such a man made limitation.

Because of his hard work and love compassion, now thousand of sadhak are getting success on sadhana field, he did very patiently his work without creating any propaganda about that, now responsibilities lies on our shoulder that we , as his child come forward to devote our life to learn this science and can provide relief to mankind from all the misery of life.