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The word Gu means darkness or ignorance and the word Ru denotes the one who removes it. The Guru Stotram says - Ajnana Timirandhasya Jnananjana Salakaya, Chakshur Unmilitam Yena Tasmai Sri Gurave Namah . Like a physician who cures a person of his blindness, the guru provides the light of knowledge that makes a disciple see the Supreme Self. It signifies the role of the guru who removes the ignorance caused by ego, through the use of the medicine called knowledge.


Sri Guru Dakshinamurthy

Guru Dakshinamurthy or Jnana Dakshinamurti, in the Hindu system of beliefs is regarded as the ultimate Guru, the embodiment of knowledge and the destroyer of ignorance (as represented by the demon being crushed under the feet of the deity).Dakshinamurthy is an aspect of Shiva as a guru (teacher) of all types of knowledge and bestower of jnana.The Jnana Mudra is interpreted in this way, The thumb denotes the God and the index finger denotes the man. The other three fingers stand for the three congenital impurities of man viz. arrogance, illusion and bad deeds of the past births. When man detaches himself from these impurities, he reaches God. Another interpretation is that the other three fingers denote the three states of life: Jagruti (Fully awake through senses and mind), Swapna (Sleep state When the mind is awake) and Sushukti (Tru self When the senses and mind go into soul Atma).

Dakshinamurti literally means one who is 'facing south in Sanskrit'. South is the direction of Death, hence change.In every Siva temple the stone image of Dakshinamurthy is installed, facing south, on the southern circumambulatory path around the sanctum sanctorum. Perhaps, of all Hindu Gods, he is the only one sitting facing south. The great seer Ramana Maharshi, one meaning of Dakshina is efficient; another meaning is 'in the heart on the right side of the body'; Amurthy 'means Formlessness' . "Dakshinamurthy Stotra" in Sanskrit, means the "Shapelessness situated on the right side".

Sri Sage Veda Vyasa


Sage Veda Vyasa was the one who organised the Vedas into various parts, and imparted the knowledge of different parts to various disciples. Thus, Veda Vyasa is referred to as the one who separated the Vedas and is considered the first and the foremost guru.The 'Mahabharata' remains a marvel in the literature of the world. Veda Vyasa was the sage who gave the world this Storehouse of realism, wisdom and compassion. The Full Moon day during the month of Ashada (fourth month in Hindu calendar mid-June to mid-July) is observed as Vyasa Purnima or Guru Pirnima.

In fact, the Full Moon is considered the best time to approach the guru as ones mental faculties are at their peak during this period, thus making a disciple fully eligible to receive knowledge from the guru. On this day, the guru can remove the biggest obstacle on the spiritual path the disciples ego.

It is this guru that we remember on Guru Purnima. To offer daily salutations to the guru, following his teachings and immersing oneself totally in his thoughts will be the highest form of obeisance to the guru.

Guru Meru


Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnuh Gurur Devo Maheswarah, Guru Saakshat Parabrahma Tasmai Sri Gurave Namah . It means that while we consider Brahma, Vishnu and Siva as Guru it is the Supreme Self which is the real guru.